Together Against Brexit: The Fight of Our Generation.

Join the 'Labour Bloc' at the People's Vote March

Labour party conference delegates backed a People’s Vote if a general election cannot be brought about. While the MPs try to bring down the government in the House of Commons, as members we need to show the demand in the country for a say on Brexit – let’s take to the streets!


FFS called for a national demonstration, led by young people, back in April of this year. On Saturday 20th October, hundreds of thousands of people will take to the streets to march for the future. It is the most important protest of our generation. 

Where: Meet at the corner of Curzon Street and Park Lane, London

When: Saturday 20th October, 12pm


Sign up below to receive more details on how to join the Labour Bloc on the day. The march presents a brilliant opportunity for Labour supporters and members to make it clear to the Labour leadership and MPs that they want the party to stop a Tory Brexit and give the public the final say.


Here's your march checklist!

  • Bring your CLP/local union branch/Momentum group/Affiliate banner
  • Book travel (local pro-European groups are putting on coaches from all across the country. You can find more information here)
  • Bring a packed lunch and lots of water!
  • Bring a whistle, megaphone, or anything else that will make some noise
  • Bring a comrade - a key reason why someone who is pro-Remain may not attend the march because they haven't been asked to! Ask away.

Join the march and help us to save Britain's future.

  • Please select the box below if you are happy for your information to be shared with other Labour Party groups affiliated to Together Against Brexit and support a People's Vote.*

* Affiliates include: Labour Campaign for the Single Market, Labour for a People’s Vote, Remain Labour and LabourSay.EU

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Together Against Brexit

Together Against Brexit


We are asking Labour Party members to come together against Brexit across generations. At Labour Conference in Liverpool from the 22nd-26th September members can vote to make supporting a People's Vote Labour policy. Our app is a great way for any Labour delegate to find out more, come together and back the call to give the public a vote on the final Brexit Deal.

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The facts of the fight

Download our guide to the facts and figures about the fight of our generation - share with your friends and family and use it to help make the case for a People's Vote at your Labour CLP meeting and to conference delegates.

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