The Real Agenda of the Brexiters

We believe that it is no overstatement to say that Brexit is a vehicle of the right of politics, to force through their regressive agenda.

From workers rights, our National Health Service, to environmental protections and safeguards for marginalised groups - we are proud that the United Kingdom as a member of the European Union champions progressive politics and policies.

Make no mistake, it is a clear stated aim of the Brexit Elite to undermine these hard won rights.

Whilst they would have you believe otherwise, leading Brexiters such
as Jacob Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, are not on the side of working people across the United Kingdom.

Indeed, senior members of the Cabinet, including Michael Gove and
Liam Fox, have made clear their intention to unravel any Brexit agreement once the UK has formally left the EU.

They hope that by taking away social-democratic protections for the people of the United Kingdom, they can create a country in their own image; intolerant, uncaring and closed to the world.

We therefore believe that anyone who considers themselves on the
left of British politics should see the fight for a People's Vote
as what it is - championing progressive values against the
rising tide of the far right.

Our report, the 'Real Agenda of the Brexiters', makes clear what the Brexit Elite really think about our rights and protections through
our membership of the European Union, and the race to the bottom
they wish to instigate. In 1988 Jacques Delors said that the best
defence against Thatcherism was our membership of the European Union. This has been true for decades - today it is up to us to defend
our EU membership and our hard won rights.

We believe that this document shows categorically what we have always known - that Brexit is led by the right, of the right and for the right.

The fight for a more socially just society, better protections for marginalised communities and rebuilding the United Kingdom
can only happen inside the European Union.

David Lammy MP, Caroline Lucas MP, Mike Buckley, Shakira Martin & Amatey Doku

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