Do something

You're angry, we get it.

Your future's being stolen from you, and you're pissed. The majority of young people don’t want Brexit, yet our politicians ignore us and pursue it anyway.

But don't get mad - get organised.


What can you do?

What can you do?

Start an FFS Group

Set up an FFS society at your university or college

Contact your MP

Write to your MP demanding a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal

Influence the Labour Party

Want to influence The Labour Party? Then this is the place to be.


Give us that sweet sweet cash-money so we can grow the campaign

Start an FFS Group

It’s really easy to set up a society on your campus - and it will have loads of benefits. You’ll get access to rooms, a bank account and support from your Students’ Union in your activity.

All you need to set up a society is some fellow students - genuinely.

  • Get yourself a committee

    Get a couple of friends together so you can make up a committee - usually you’ll only need about 3 - 5 of you.

  • Submit your society constitution to your students' union

    It should be on the 'Activities or Opportunities' section of your SU website. If you're unsure, just go in and ask!

  • Get it signed off

    There's usually a short process where the society is 'signed off' in some way. This might include double-checking that that a similar society doesn't already exist, and that all of the students you've put forward for the committee are real, live people.

  • You're good to go

    All set. Check back here for ideas and resources for your first meeting. Or get in touch.

Contact your MP

Just enter your postcode into the box below, and we'll look up the contact details for your local Member of Pariament.

How to make sure your message gets read:

  • Customise. Most MPs filter identical messages - so if you just copy and paste, it probably won't get through!
  • Use your own words and explain why this matters to you personally.
  • Use your own details. MPs are only allowed to deal with people who live in their constituency.
  • Uni perks: If you’re a university student who has escaped from your parents, good news: you're fine to contact both your university MP and your hometown MP.
  • Don't be a downer. Rude or abusive messages get us all a bad rep, and will just be ignored.

Subject: Young People Demand a People’s Vote on Brexit

Dear ________________,

I am part of For our Future's Sake - a movement of young people and students across the UK who believe that Brexit will damage our future.

Young people overwhelmingly voted against Brexit. Since the referendum result, numerous promises were made by the Leave campaign which have been shown to be completely false.

Young people overwhelming want the current benefits of EU membership to be retained. However, based on the current trajectory of the Brexit negotiations this is looking highly unlikely.

In October, you will have the  opportunity to vote on the Brexit deal. As an elected member of Parliament, I ask that you stand up for young people in your constituency, vote against the EU Withdrawal Bill and demand a People's Vote on our future relationship with the EU.

Influence the Labour Party


We respect and understand the grievances that led to the Brexit vote. Wages have stagnated, austerity has cut deep and the working classes have been forgotten.

But we firmly believe that Brexit will make those problems worse, not better. There’s nothing socialist about the UK becoming poorer or more insular.

That's why we need the Labour leadership to step up and allow young people a vote on the Brexit deal.

How can you influence the Labour Party?

Write to your nearest Labour Party MP asking them to support a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal. You can also use our sample motion for Constituency Labour Party Meetings.

Please let us know if you're planning to submit a motion in your constituency. If you would like some advice on the process, we can also help! E-mail: [email protected]