Why we’re backing Mary Wimbury in Wrexham

Mary Wimbury was selected to be the Welsh Labour candidate for Wrexham by a comfortable majority, no doubt in large part because of her history as a fully-committed and highly-principled activist. With a wide-ranging career in which she has worked in social care, for the BBC, and run an education charity, Mary combines a passion for local politics with a wealth of professional experience.

Wrexham was won in 2017 by Ian Lucas on a relatively slim majority – without a concerted effort by activists and campaigners, this seat could very easily turn blue. Plaid Cymru, Green, and Liberal Democrat voters should carefully consider their position – their parties have no hope of success in this seat, and a Tory MP presiding over yet more cuts to services would be nothing short of disastrous. And that’s not even contemplating the consequences of Brexit.

Team FFS: Hi Mary! Can you tell us why you think tactical voting is key in Wrexham?

Wrexham will be a tight contest between me and the Tory. Labour won narrowly in 2017 but the recent YouGov poll predicted them being 4% ahead but with 12% of the vote going to the Lib Dems, Plaid and the Greens. I hope to be able to convince supporters of those parties to lend me their vote to keep the Tories out.

Team FFS: Why do you back a Final Say on Brexit?

Since the referendum we’ve had three and a half years of Tory-led chaos, going through three Prime Ministers, two Brexit deals and now on our second General Election. I think the only way we can settle this is to put a deal back to the people for a Final Say vote, after which I hope we can finally move on and deal with all the other issues that need sorting in the country and locally.

Team FFS: Why are young people key in Wrexham?

Young people are Wrexham’s future and if they take the opportunity to have their say in this election they can make a difference to a result.