Why we’re backing David Pinto-Duschinsky in Hendon!

David Pinto-Duschinsky knows more than most about how important the NHS is. As a child he suffered from a serious speech impediment that took years to recover from – only the NHS gave him that chance to speak up and have a voice. Decades later, David is using that voice to speak up for the people of Hendon. With a history of fighting for public services, David knows extensively the consequences of government cuts and the potential damage a No-Deal Brexit could do to our vital public services. 

On the 12th December, David is looking to gather support from young people across Hendon to speak for them in Parliament as their MP. His evident support for public services proves him to be a trustworthy candidate that young people in Hendon can truly rely on. By lending David Pinto-Duschinsky a youth vote in Hendon, you are guaranteed a final say and NHS supporter and ally for the next five years.

Team FFS: Hi David! Why do you think tactical voting is key in Hendon?

This area voted overwhelmingly to remain but the sitting MP is a Hard Brexiteer and a member of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s ERG. He has said that Brexit must mean a “complete divorce” from the EU and has ignored the views of local people on Brexit. 

However, we have the power to get rid of him. This seat is on a knife-edge. Last time, he won by under 1,100 votes. If even half the people who voted Lib Dem or Green last time vote Labour, we can vote out the current MP and get one who will fight to give the people the final say on Brexit.

The stakes could not be higher, nor the choice clearer. The Lib Dems and Greens cannot win here. A vote for them just helps the Hard Brexiteer Conservative. But if you vote Labour, we can change the MP and get one who has campaigned from day one for a final say and will support Remain in any referendum. 

Team FFS: Why do you back a Final Say on Brexit?

Everyone I talk to-regardless of how they voted in the referendum-agrees that Brexit is a mess. What’s more, the deals that have been offered to the country are totally different to what people were promised during the referendum. This is the biggest decision the country has made in the last 75 years and it’s irreversible. It’s right that any final deal is put to the people, so that they, rather than the politicians, have the final say. 

Team FFS: Why are young people so key in Hendon?

This election is so close here. 1,100 votes will swing it. We have a large university-Middlesex University-here. In this seat, students’ and young people’s votes could decide the election. There’s so much at stake. Do you want a final say on Brexit? Do you want to rebuild the NHS? Do you want to fight climate change? Do you want to scrap tuition fees? Young people in Hendon have the power in their hands to change the country and give the people the final say on Brexit-if they vote Labour. The Conservatives are relying on you not voting so that they can push through their destructive plans. Prove them wrong.