Why we’re backing Simon Letts in Southampton Itchen

Simon has lived in Southampton (or Soton) since 1981. A science teacher for 20 years, he has seen first-hand the damage Tory cuts have done to our education system, and as a result is all the more passionate about giving young people the best possible start in life. A large part of that is a Green New Deal, a project which Simon fully supports, along with a new NHS walk-in centre and improved public bus routes.

His defeat in 2017 was nail-bitingly close: only 31 votes gave this seat to the Tories, and this time, there’s every chance it could be gained by Labour. 2017 saw 1,421 votes go to the Liberal Democrats – if those voters chose to tactically support Simon on Dec 12th, another pro-Final Say MP will sit in Parliament. The seat has a huge proportion of young voters: almost a third are between 18 and 35. If they mobilise in a coordinated manner, this seat will be a landslide victory.

Team FFS: Hi Simon! Why do you think tactical voting is key in your constituency?

Southampton Itchen is the most marginal Conservative-held seat in England. The majority in 2017 was 17 with the incumbent Mr Royston Smith on the ERG wing of the Conservative party and a strong supporter of the hardest sort of Brexit.

Why do you back a final say referendum on any Brexit outcome?

The choice facing the country is ‘Boris’s deal’ which opens us up to a future far removed from the mainstream of European politics or to give the country a genuine choice between leaving but remaining close to the EU or Remaining both of which are far superior to what is on offer.

Why do you think young people and students are so important in this election?

Southampton is a ‘young’ city with a larger proportion of under thirties living here compared to the average. Young people will decide this election. Particularly young people who as students choose to cast their vote here rather than at home. They will make the difference to the result in this seat.