Why we’re backing Jen Forbes in Truro & Falmouth

Jennifer Forbes is the best Cornwall has to offer Westminster. Living and raising a family in the South West, Jennifer knows the daily challenges that life brings for residents in Truro and Falmouth. She has spent the past decade working on zero-hours contracts and living in rented accommodation across the constituency, so she understands the real economic insecurities that so many young people and students are facing today.

Truro and Falmouth is now a two-horse race and the differences between candidates is stark. Jennifer only needs an extra 4,000 votes to kick out the Tory, become the MP and bring a strong voice that Cornwall needs to Westminster.

She is passionately pro a Final Say on Brexit, and wants to place young people at the heart of local and regional politics. With over 5,000 students at the local Falmouth University, those votes are so crucial on the 12th December. It’s clear that students and young people have an ally in Jennifer Forbes and she is really worth their vote.

Team FFS: Hi Jennifer! Why do you think tactical voting is key in your constituency?

The polling now indicates this election being very similar to 2017 if we stay on this trajectory. This difference being this time around its clear that Labour really is the tactical vote, before 2017 that was hard to imagine. Now it’s a re run, it’s so important that the anti-Tory majority that exists in this constituency come together to make sure we don’t end up with a hard Brexiteer for our MP.

Team FFS: Why do you back a final say referendum on any Brexit outcome?

I think is very important the public get a final say. It’s been a hard few years of uncertainty that needs to be drawn to a close by the people, not just the politicians. As a trade unionist I am used to being given a mandate to negotiate by our members, we they put any deal back to them to confirm or reject. It’s the best way to be certain.

Team FFS: Why do you think young people and students are so important in this election?

This election is all about young people, so much of their future is as stake. From Climate Change to Brexit, it’s really important they make their voices heard. Young people turning out to vote in Truro & Falmouth can easily make the difference.