Elected Student Leaders warn of December election which will “suppress youth and student voter turnout”

Elected Student Leaders warn of December election which will "suppress youth and student voter turnout"

Elected student leaders who are part of For our Future’s Sake – a youth and student-led campaign from across the United Kingdom – are warning that a December Election currently being mooted by the Prime Minister would significantly decrease youth and student turnout in any such election. In an interview with This Morning, Jeremy Corbyn MP told Richard Madeley and Judy Finnagan that one of the reasons that a December election was “odd” was because “it’s after many universities end their terms for Christmas.”


Hundreds of thousands of learners in universities, colleges and apprenticeship providers will be either be moving back to their home address during the election campaign, or be in the middle of exam season. 
Student representatives fear this is another attempt to “ensure certain groups can’t vote”, similar to Number 10 briefings of a September Election before students had the opportunity to register to vote at their new addresses.


Sasha Langeveldt, President of Kent University Students’ Union and FFS Supporter says:
“A December election would severely hinder student voter turnout.”
“In Canterbury, many students played a crucial role in the 2017 General Election campaign which changed the course of history here. A vote in December, whilst many students are finishing deadlines or preparing to go home for the winter break, will undeniably stop students from having their voices heard.”
“Students at Kent have voted to support a People’s Vote,  therefore we are proud to be a leading voice. It is important that we protect our students from the negative effect that Brexit will have on them. Students should have the right to raise their voices, especially at a time where life-changing decisions are being made without them.”

Eve Alcock, President of Bath University Students’ Union and FFS Supporter says:
“There can be very few reasons for a December election – as we know it is difficult for a multitude of reasons – except to ensure that certain groups can’t vote.”
“Boris Johnson knows that young people and students do not buy into his Hard Brexit vision for the future of the country, and he’s rightly afraid of our judgement on his bad Brexit Deal.”
“Johnson should give young people a say on Brexit with a People’s Vote, and pick a time where we can have our voices heard.”