PRESS RELEASE: Young supporters will leave Labour in their millions if leadership backs Brexit

Young supporters will leave Labour in their millions if leadership backs Brexit
Labour’s young supporters would desert the party in droves, if they vote to back a compromise Brexit Deal. According to a YouGov poll of more than 5,000 people conducted last week, Labour’s support among 18 – 29 year olds is currently at 60 per cent. However, if Labour backed a form of Brexit, support for Jeremy Corbyn’s party amongst the young would be halved to just 33 per cent. They would be leapfrogged by the Liberal Democrats, who jump 29 points, from 10 per cent to 39 per cent. 
Findings from the poll, commissioned by the People’s Vote campaign but conducted independently by YouGov, shows that among those who indicate a preference, 75 per cent of young voters – a core constituency for the Labour Party – back a People’s Vote. 79 per cent would vote to stay in the European Union in such a vote.
Young voters feel even more negatively about Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement than MPs – with them rejecting her deal by a margin of 3-to-1.
In a further blow for Jeremy Corbyn and Labour’s Brexit policy, just 17 per cent of young voters believe he would be able to deliver a better Brexit deal than what is on offer.
This polling was completed shortly before Jeremy Corbyn’s interview in the Guardian on 22nd December, in which he says that Labour would carry on with Brexit in the event of a snap General Election,
Responding, For our Future’s Sake co-founder and Labour Party member and activist, Richard Brooks says:

“Jeremy Corbyn is in danger of betraying and losing the support of millions of young people and students who very nearly propelled him to Downing Street last year, and who’s support he needs if he is to ever become Prime Minister. 

Students and young people will not forget or forgive politicians who sell them down the river by backing a Brexit that limits our life opportunities and makes us poorer.”   

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